We try to have a green approach to our business as it’s important for us (and our customers too) to be environmentally friendly. This resulted in using brown, cardboard boxes which contain 70% recycled material. We also use wood wool to pack our gift hampers which is made from wood shavings from farmed trees. Wood wool is 100% biodegradable.

The brown boxes have a really great natural feel to them but needed a splash of colour. Our logo has lots of different colours in it and we like to keep with a beachy, fresh feel. Also, you really want the recipient to feel that they are special so we use luxurious wrapping paper cut in strips about 15cm wide. These wrap right around our gift boxes and are joined at the back with a piece of double-sided tape. We also place a sticker here with our logo on it for extra reinforcement.

Next, I like to choose a ribbon colour depending on the occasion. For baby gift boxes, pink, blue or something pretty and neutral. For settlement gifts, something classic and luxurious looking. For birthday gifts always add a nice bright colour that’s a bit fun.

Attached to the ribbon is a gift tag with our logo on it. I make these by hand from unique looking card which you can buy at many local stores. Try buying card with different colours on each side. On one side, I place our logo and on the other a simple message about our business practices: green, local, organic etc. Just to let the recipient know they are receiving something that is Australian made and has been made with love and care.

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