8 Reasons To Buy A Gift Basket For A Baby Shower


Your friend announced she was pregnant months ago and now the baby shower is just around the corner! What are you going to get your friend? You’ve seen the babies new room. It’s totally decked out with all the latest gear. What is it that your friend needs?

A good way to get around the confusion is to buy a gift basket. Gift baskets contain thoughtful, unique necessities that will be well appreciated. Check out our reasons for choosing a gift basket.

1. You live overseas and have no idea what your friend needs or wants. Having a gift delivered is the perfect way to say you care.

2. You live next door and have no idea what your friend needs or wants. Sometimes, new parents are so organised they have the entire nursery stocked full of gear in anticipation of bubs arrival. A gift basket says ‘Happy Baby Shower’ and you can include items that are always needed, like baby shampoo, soft toys and cute onesies.

3. Sometimes parents aren’t so organised and they need to stock up their nursery STAT! Gift items like toys, clothing (bibs, hats, nappies) and change mats will not go amiss.

4. ‘Repeat’ parents may be all stocked up on baby goods and a gift basket with tea and chocolates will be well received.

5. Parents who have more than three children will love you forever for a gift basket with chocolates, champagne and relaxing bath salts.

6. Choose organic goodies for your gift basket and REALLY impress your friend with your thoughtful nature and environmentally conscious shopping prowess.

7. Gift baskets contain multiple items. It’s fun to get a present that’s not just one present but many!

8. Buy handmade and support Australian businesses. Whisper the good news in your friends ear so she can feel good about her gifts too!

Check out our baby shower gifts http://www.byronbaygifts.com.au/baby-shower-c25/

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