Corporate Christmas Hampers

When running a business it’s important to show appreciation to those around you for either supporting your business or contributing in some special way. Showing this appreciation can help generate more business and increase loyalty amongst customers and staff. It’s also a great way to show you care!

Shopping for the right Christmas gift is important. Your gift is representing your company and if you’re giving to a local business, you should buy Australian made. You may also want to present your business as environmentally aware by offering a gift that contains handmade, organic or sustainable goods within.

It’s also very important to buy corporate gifts that your recipients will really enjoy. This can be a challenge, particularly if you don’t know the gift recipient in a social sense. In this case, look at buying gifts that are more general. Put together a gift basket full of chocolates, champagne and locally sourced treats but make sure they contain gourmet, luxury and handmade items – something a bit special that you can’t easily purchase at the supermarket. This will make your gift special and show that extra care and attention has been paid in putting it together.

Whatever your Christmas gift make sure you package it beautifully. There are many options available to companies these days including corporate ribbon, a logo branded gift box or printed tissue paper. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to these, try buying stickers and plain tissue paper. Simply print your logo onto the stickers and use these to close together the tissue inside your gift box or basket.

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