Christmas Cake Wrapping

Christmas Cake Wrapping

If you’re doing Christmas on a budget this year and wanting to make something from home try this simple Christmas cake idea.

Firstly, purchase some small cake tins from your local supermarket. This way, you can make a bulk Christmas cake mixture and spread one batch amongst the smaller tins. Depending on your cake tin size and recipe you should be able to make 6-9 Christmas cakes.

Secondly, choose a great recipe from the Internet. There are so many to choose from with traditional or unusual ingredients. Try to pick something that suits your cooking expertise!

For the wrapping buy some plain cellophane, Christmas-themed ribbon and plastic holly. Alternatively, you might want to pick a sprig of lavender from the garden. Wrap your Christmas cake.

Finally, find a Christmas image on the website and print this with your message onto a small card.


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