Five Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day has long been associated with the day of the year where you express your love either anonymously or openly to someone you fancy with a declaration of love. This can take the form of a card, gift or secreted note on scrappy paper.

If you really want to impress your Valentine and perhaps receive some well-deserved attention we recommend you try one of our five Valentine’s Day gift suggestions to get the ball rolling.

You can read the article here: FIVE VALENTINE’S DAY IDEAS

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Create The Perfect Gift Card

If you want to create a nice, personalised touch to any gift you’re giving or if you’re just giving someone a thank you card it’s so easy to make your own. All you really need is access to a computer and printer and some nice card to print on.

For the design side of things, don’t freak out if you’re not a ‘creative type’ (I bet you are) because there’s so many tools available online. So put on your artistic boots and get busy creating your own unique brand of cards.


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Unique Gift Hamper Additions

We’ve been chatting to a few corporate customers recently and a lot of people enquire about branded ribbon or coffee mugs. This got us thinking about how to use local business in making corporate gifts for a more natural and handmade feel. Handmade gifts, one would assume, would also be a more treasured gift resulting in ongoing brand presence.

A fantastic gift idea that we love is mugs made by a local potter. We’ve seen some great designs out there and a potter is likely to be able to offer a close match to a customer’s corporate colours. For example, a real estate might have a funky sketch of a house on their mug, using their corporate colours (or not) and adding a personalised message like ‘Good luck in your new home from [business name]’. What a cool house warming present to receive!

Another great idea is personalised wine and beer. Basically, a good local (Australian) drop with corporate branding and message on the label instead of the wine or beer label. A great Christmas present idea with nice Christmasy theme.

Food for thought!

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Valentine’s Gift Wrapping

Valentine's Gift Wrapping

We love to use natural products for our gift wrapping and in this case we have used natural looking craft paper, raffia ‘ribbon’, and twigs from the garden.
You could also add any piece of card as we have done here. This was purchased from a card shop in a large piece.
All of these things can be purchased on a budget with enough wrapping for several valentines!

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Christmas Wrapping

We’ve posted an article on our own blog on how to achieve good looking Christmas wrapping on a budget. We hope you enjoy our Christmas gift wrapping article.

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Christmas Cake Wrapping

Christmas Cake Wrapping

If you’re doing Christmas on a budget this year and wanting to make something from home try this simple Christmas cake idea.

Firstly, purchase some small cake tins from your local supermarket. This way, you can make a bulk Christmas cake mixture and spread one batch amongst the smaller tins. Depending on your cake tin size and recipe you should be able to make 6-9 Christmas cakes.

Secondly, choose a great recipe from the Internet. There are so many to choose from with traditional or unusual ingredients. Try to pick something that suits your cooking expertise!

For the wrapping buy some plain cellophane, Christmas-themed ribbon and plastic holly. Alternatively, you might want to pick a sprig of lavender from the garden. Wrap your Christmas cake.

Finally, find a Christmas image on the website and print this with your message onto a small card.


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Corporate Christmas Hampers

When running a business it’s important to show appreciation to those around you for either supporting your business or contributing in some special way. Showing this appreciation can help generate more business and increase loyalty amongst customers and staff. It’s also a great way to show you care!

Shopping for the right Christmas gift is important. Your gift is representing your company and if you’re giving to a local business, you should buy Australian made. You may also want to present your business as environmentally aware by offering a gift that contains handmade, organic or sustainable goods within.

It’s also very important to buy corporate gifts that your recipients will really enjoy. This can be a challenge, particularly if you don’t know the gift recipient in a social sense. In this case, look at buying gifts that are more general. Put together a gift basket full of chocolates, champagne and locally sourced treats but make sure they contain gourmet, luxury and handmade items – something a bit special that you can’t easily purchase at the supermarket. This will make your gift special and show that extra care and attention has been paid in putting it together.

Whatever your Christmas gift make sure you package it beautifully. There are many options available to companies these days including corporate ribbon, a logo branded gift box or printed tissue paper. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to these, try buying stickers and plain tissue paper. Simply print your logo onto the stickers and use these to close together the tissue inside your gift box or basket.

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