Seven Reasons To Keep Drinking Coffee

That first coffee in the morning is more than just a treat – it’s become a deeply ingrained ritual and many of us can’t imagine how we’d start the day without it.

From soy lattes to long blacks, coffee expenditure in the average Australian household has increased from sixty cents per week in the mid-seventies to $5.77 per week between 2009-10. While the price of coffee has increased during this time there’s no doubting that Australian’s love affair with coffee is more than just a fling.

We’ve listed seven reasons below that will help you keep your coffee dream alive – and they’ll be easy to remember, because coffee’s good like that.


Coffee is the largest source of antioxidants in the Western diet outranking fresh fruit and vegetables. You’d need to eat large amounts of berries to gain the number of antioxidants consumed from a couple of cups of coffee.

Antioxidants are kind little molecules. They donate electrons to free radicals. Free radicals are constantly attacking our bodies with unpaired electrons that can mess with cell structures like proteins and DNA. Distributing electrons to free radicals is the same as giving them a ‘chill pill’ and may result in improved overall health.

Coffee is the largest source of antioxidants in the Western diet outranking fresh fruit and vegetables.


Coffee is a well-known stimulant. You know that buzz you get when you take your first sip… or even just smell coffee? Well, that’s the active ingredient caffeine. Apart from the obvious uplifting effects of caffeine some studies show it helps improve the brains capacity for memory.

A group of participants took place in a study in which they were required to remember images shown on a screen. Some were administered with a 200mg caffeine tablet and the others given a placebo. The research showed that those given the caffeine tablet were better able to remember the images better than those who had been given the placebo.


Have you ever had a coffee and felt your mood brighten? A study conducted on more than 50,000 older women over ten years discovered that those who drank little to no coffee had a 15% higher chance of depression than those who drank coffee every second day or more. Why is that?

Well, coffee helps the brain release dopamine, which sends signals to other nerve cells. But not just any boring, old signals… dopamine is reward-related and is responsible for the sensations of feeling in love, happy and motivated.


While coffee isn’t a magic elixir that will keep you youthful, it does have long reaching effects on health, which can help you live longer. Because coffee is shown to reduce cardiovascular and neurological diseases as well as decrease the risk of suicide, studies have shown that for those reasons it does lower the risk of mortality amongst coffee drinkers.


Energy is created in our bodies thanks to insulin. When the body doesn’t have enough insulin you are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes – the most common form of diabetes.

Some researchers believe that Type 2 diabetes is caused by an accumulation of a protein called HIAPP, which in turn can lead to the death of cells in the pancreas. Three compounds found in a regular cup of coffee helped stop this toxic accumulation, protecting the pancreas and decreasing the risk of Type 2 diabetes.


While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, there is some speculation as to what causes the disease. The build up of amyloid beta is suspected to cause Alzheimer’s – a protein in the brain – and is most consistently found increased in Alzheimer’s patients.

Your friend coffee can reduce the levels of beta amyloid and studies have shown that coffee drinkers are less likely than their non-coffee drinking counterparts to develop Alzheimer’s.


We’ve probably saved the best for last – drinking more coffee may help reduce damage caused by imbibing too much food and alcohol.

Drinking more coffee may help reduce damage caused by imbibing too much food and alcohol.

With over 430,000 study participants and data from previous studies, researchers found that those drinking two or more cups of coffee a day had a 44% lower chance of developing liver cirrhosis, amongst those surveyed. It all comes back to the high level of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of coffee. But, be warned… adding sugars, syrups or whiskey to coffee is not recommended as they could potentially cause stress on the liver.

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Gift Baskets For Friends In Hospital


When visiting a friend in hospital or sending them a gift you want to take something thoughtful that’s going to lift their spirits up and help them start feeling better.

Depending on the situation flowers and chocolates can be a nice gift but if your friend is staying longer than a couple of days or just need some extra special loving check out our full blog post for gift ideas for friends in hospital.

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What is a Locavore

To be a locavore basically means to buy things locally. But, why should you do this and what does it mean in the long term?

For a start, buying locally can give you a real sense of community. You get to know your neighbours, how to cook seasonally and how to support those around you. Being a locavore helps you to make more informed decisions about what you buy and leads you down a rosy path where all the choices you make are conscientious and community driven.

To read the full article: What is a locavore?

About Us:

At Byron Bay Gifts we love to support local and have bought together the best and brightest talent from our region which we deliver Australia wide. To see our Christmas gift hamper range head on over to our website.

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5 Best Photo Apps For Small Business

To enhance your social media profile it’s imperative you have great content and this starts with images. Using photography apps for website photos will help your create a professional social media presence that helps attract new followers and likes.

You can add filters and frames to your photos that keeps their original nature or turns them into something completely new. You can also add text to your photos so that when they are shared you are credited and your business name shared with many new customers.

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Men’s Gift Hampers For Father’s Day

A good gift hamper should include a mixture of unique items that will make your Dad’s day. You want him to feel a bit special and pampering won’t go astray. Bring together some of your dad’s favourite things to create a gift that he can enjoy for longer.

If your dad has a beard then some beard oil won’t go astray. He’ll love you for it because it diminishes beard-itch and makes his beard smell great.

If he’s the shaving type then a good bristle brush and organic shaving soap is definitely the way to go. Buy him a good razor too so there’s no more cuts and scratches.

Dad loves chocolates and sweets and as it’s a special occasion you can get him his favourites. Try chocolate covered nuts and speciality chips. However, if you don’t want to get Dad gifts that will hurt his trim figure throw in a few gourmet items like cooking salts, gourmet marinades and low-carb beer.

For great mens gift ideas try Shave With Valor or Sanctum Australia who both offer organic men’s skin care products.

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5 Must Have Shopping Apps

Love to shop? So do we and we’ve uncovered some of the best shopping apps around to feed our habit! There’s so many amazing, creative people in the world and you can now see what they’re up to on a range of shopping sites.

The best thing about this access is the huge range of unique, one-of-a-kind gifts available. Not only are you getting something special you’re supporting the artist who made it. Win-win.

Read the article here: 5 MUST HAVE SHOPPING APPS

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Shop Safely Online

Shopping online is fun and easy but there are a few steps to take to ensure your personal information remains private. By setting up secure accounts and being savvy about your passwords you can continue to shop safely.

Most sites have secure access to ensure you’re protection when providing details so there’s really no need for concern if you take a few precautions and keep your eye out for tell-tale warning signs.

Read the full article here: SHOP SAFELY ONLINE

Or visit our website: GIFT BASKETS BRISBANE

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Five Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day has long been associated with the day of the year where you express your love either anonymously or openly to someone you fancy with a declaration of love. This can take the form of a card, gift or secreted note on scrappy paper.

If you really want to impress your Valentine and perhaps receive some well-deserved attention we recommend you try one of our five Valentine’s Day gift suggestions to get the ball rolling.

You can read the article here: FIVE VALENTINE’S DAY IDEAS

Or visit our website: GOURMET HAMPERS

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Create The Perfect Gift Card

If you want to create a nice, personalised touch to any gift you’re giving or if you’re just giving someone a thank you card it’s so easy to make your own. All you really need is access to a computer and printer and some nice card to print on.

For the design side of things, don’t freak out if you’re not a ‘creative type’ (I bet you are) because there’s so many tools available online. So put on your artistic boots and get busy creating your own unique brand of cards.


To visit our website: HAMPERS MELBOURNE

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Unique Gift Hamper Additions

We’ve been chatting to a few corporate customers recently and a lot of people enquire about branded ribbon or coffee mugs. This got us thinking about how to use local business in making corporate gifts for a more natural and handmade feel. Handmade gifts, one would assume, would also be a more treasured gift resulting in ongoing brand presence.

A fantastic gift idea that we love is mugs made by a local potter. We’ve seen some great designs out there and a potter is likely to be able to offer a close match to a customer’s corporate colours. For example, a real estate might have a funky sketch of a house on their mug, using their corporate colours (or not) and adding a personalised message like ‘Good luck in your new home from [business name]’. What a cool house warming present to receive!

Another great idea is personalised wine and beer. Basically, a good local (Australian) drop with corporate branding and message on the label instead of the wine or beer label. A great Christmas present idea with nice Christmasy theme.

Food for thought!

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